Lord Waverley's interest is international affairs through first-hand engagement
with activities centred around working in the developing world and emerging markets

Lord (JD) Waverley is an independent member of the House of Lords, entering the United Kingdom Parliament in 1993. He contributes regularly to proceedings on international issues, addressing many challenging issues of the day.

Founder SUPPLYFINDER.COM The platform is focused on providing a Trade ecosystem platform to all Emerging markets with a range of services in both the public and key private sector space.

He sits as vice chair to the Fintech & Blockchain All-Party Parliamentary Groups:

Mission is to provide a progressive forum for parliamentarians to discuss the challenges and opportunities relating to the growth and competitiveness of the FinTech industry.

Key activities undertaken range from: improving financial inclusion to the potential applications of transformative technologies such as the ‘blockchain’ and enabling a sound regulatory framework to underpin the UK to become a world leader in FinTech.

The Blockchain group gathers evidence illustrating what Blockchain’s opportunities are for the economy, industry and society, and what its potential effects and challenges might be. This to ensure that industry and society benefit from the full potential of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) making the UK a leader in Blockchain/DLT’s innovation and implementation.

The group prioritizes key use cases to explore and, through each Evidence Meeting, aims to generate pragmatic solutions (policy, regulation, industry practice and infrastructure development) with clearly defined steps for how success can be achieved.

Lord Waverley has received State decorations from Colombia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, been honoured with a Yoruba Chieftaincy in Nigeria and is the recipient of the CEO Club BURJ award as Ambassador for British Business.


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